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Affordable House Shifting With Zero Hassle

Delivering peace of mind while packing & moving whether you are moving your home across town, across state, or across the country.

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    We Take The Best Care Of Your House Shifting

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    We know you spend every second of your life converting your house into a home. And while moving that home to a new place, you also want to move the promises you made under the roof and the bonds you have strengthened over time. At Om Transport Corporation, we make everything move forward- the promises, the dreams, and the bonds along with your household belongings.

    With a team of experienced and responsible home shifting professionals on board, you get a seamless experience of moving to a new house. And for more than a decade, we have been working as a professional, reliable, and efficient local and long-distance home relocation service.

    We understand family values. For having a family-oriented background, and the culture where helping one another with immense respect is all that counts, we provide a personal touch to every house shifting project we take.

    At Om Transport Corporation, we strive to treat your home like our own. We focus on every detail and bring in a stress-free and unique domestic relocation experience that you will remember forever.

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      We Stand Out In The House Shifting Industry

      Om Transport Corporation is a trusted name in domestic packers and movers in India. No matter how far you are moving, we got you covered. Spending many years in this house shifting transport business and after moving more than 90,000 homes, we understand that each client might have their own set of unique needs in household shifting. And with an approach of offering tailored solutions, we plan and execute each house shifting uniquely yet strategically. 

      With the belief that good planning and easy communication can make everything perfect, we consider every detail of a house move. And that is how we make the complicated process of moving as smooth as possible.

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      Dependable House Shifting At Affordable Pricing

      We also try to provide the most competitive pricing so that every homeowner can afford Om Transport Corporation. We work hard to keep our price competitively lower than other home shifting services in Navi Mumbai and India. And before any move, we provide you with a detailed quote for our house shifting services, including materials, labor, transport, and other associated fees, so that you can make an informed decision before we begin our work. Apart from being a cost-effective and fast home shifting packers and movers, we have other reasons for you to choose us:

      Premium Packing Materials

      We use the best in quality packing materials to keep your valuable items protected. All our boxes, plastic beans, dropping clothes, and wrapping papers are handpicked to make sure that you have a safe home moving experience. We use specially designed boxes for different items, level each item and unload safely to move to your new home.

      Trained Professionals

      To ensure that you have a hassle-free moving experience, we make sure that the packing and moving are handled by professional hands only. Our moving partners have years of experience in maintaining secure and professional packing and moving standards. All our team members are background checked, accountable, and trained by us.

      24/7 Moving

      We are flexible and nimble household packers and movers. Be it holidays, occasions, or festivals, we are just a call away to serve you. Our home shifting services are operational 24/7 and 365 days a year to meet your schedule. With us, you benefit from no disruption to your family schedule, lifestyle, and work commitments.

      Packing On Your Schedule

      For many clients packing and moving on the same day might sound daunting. And we have served many clients who like us to do both things separately. We can arrive at your place with our packing materials and supplies and label all the boxes before the big day comes. We give you a complete list of inventory to make your unpacking hassle-free.

      Customized Service

      Either you want us to pack the entire home or just a few rooms, you name it, and we will get it for you. Whatever the case, we deliver clearly labeled boxes with properly packed items room by room that make your unpacking experience delightful. Some of our standard packing services include bedroom packing, kitchen packing and wardrobe packing.

      Licensed And Insured

      We considered our license to be a seal of trust to our clients. Moving is a complicated process; it consists of a high risk of loss or damage of any household item. And as a licensed home shifting transport company, we at Om Transport Corporation ensure that you never face any monetary loss due to any damage during the process of packing and shifting.

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      House Shifting Frequently Asked Questions

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      Will you provide moving insurance for house shifting?
      Yes, only if the customer asks, will be charged extra as per the value of the goods.
      How do I prepare my home for a Packer?
      • Mark the date of moving
      • Accumulate, Check, Donate or Discard
      • Keep your expensive items at a safer place or move personally.
      • Discard any non-transportable items
      • Create a zone for items that you will handle yourself
      • Keep fragile or handle with care items aside and convey the same to the company supervisor.
      • Take photographs of each item, and make a list of them.
      • Check thoroughly, if you haven’t left behind.
      How much time should it take to pack a 3-bedroom house?
      A professional packing and moving team will pack everything in 4-5 hours.
      How do you pack a house fast?

      The most efficient way to pack a house for a last-minute move are:

      • Clean, clean, clean
      • Prepare an “essentials” box or bag
      • Ignore the sorting
      • Enlist the assistance of a few friends to assist you in packing
      • Keep your clothes in your dressers
      • Use linens as padding
      • Use professional movers
      How safe is your moving company for home shifting?
      Customers are paying to move their valuable items to a professional packer and mover company, absolutely we will take care of goods to transport it safe and sound.
      What will be the mode of transportation for moving my goods?
      We can provide you with multiple options from mini trucks such as 17 Feet LCV, 19 Feet LCV, and other closed large container vehicles. We will decide as per your need and convenience which vehicle you should use.